4.Not such good times

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, cheap imports from places like China heavily impacted knife company’s in America.  Some  went out of business.  Others were lucky to find ways to adapt and stay in business but profits weren’t what they used to be for many of them.

One approach by Colonial to fight low profits were to bring out a few nicer lines of proudly made in U.S.A. knives.


Anvil knives was started by Colonial in 1972. This line of knives was designed by students at the Rhode Island School Of Design. There were only made in one style, a Stockman. It was available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.  They were made in 2 colors, brown and white.


Below are 2 of my Anvil knives. These are the smallest size, the peanut stockman. The brown one was my first Colonial knife, given to me by my grandfather over 30 years ago.


Colonial Anvil peanuts X



Old Cutler was another very nice knife line made by Colonial. There were more styles and colors available.

It consisted of a small stockman with both 2 and 3 blade models, a large 3 blade stockman, A 2 blade Barlow and a 2 blade trapper that was actually completely made by Camillus knives for Colonial.

Colors such as solid black, white, yellow and brown were made as well as 3 colors of jigged handles. 2 look like bone or stag and 1 appears to be wood.

The Barlow was available with 3 different handles types I have found so far. The most popular seems to be a dark reddish brown color with a little white right before the bolster. There is also a stag and a rosewood handled model.

Below is a picture of a couple of my Old Cutler knives.  One is the rosewood handled Barlow and the other is a beautiful yellow trapper, the one made by Camillus.


Colonial Old Cutler Barlow Rosewood X


Colonial Old Cutler Yellow Trapper X





Colonial also made a very neat collectors edition box with the Old Cutler line. It is called the Old Cutler Mark 1 Series.  Its a wood box with soft red inside and a red foam liner that that has 6 knives. As well as having the name on the top it also says original issue and collectors edition.  The 6 places inside are for 2 small stockman knives, 2 large stockman knives, a trapper and a Barlow.


Below are pictures of my Old Cutler Mark 1 series collector edition box.


Colonial Old Cutler Collector Edition Box X


Colonial Old Cutler Collector Edition Box 2 X























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