5.RAP Cutler

Robert Anthony Paolantonio. Grandson of Fredrick Paolantonio and the only 3rd generation Paolantonio to become a cutler. Starting at Colonial at the age of 13, working in the knife packaging room every Saturday. Later working in the shipping room in high school and continued there full time while attending college at night and learning to be a cutler at the same time. After college working as a cutler for over 30 years at Colonial until the last few years they were in business.

For years Robert begged his family to let him put out a higher class of knife they could all be proud of. Finally in the 90’s he managed to convince his Father, Uncles and Cousins to let him give it a try.   He must have dreamed of saving the struggling company with this line. It was a wonderful knife called the Colonial 5 star series and was the beginning of R.A.P. Cutler Quality Knives.


Below is a picture of my R.A.P. Cutler knife and some advertisements showing the RAP Cutler and 5 star series of knives.

R.A.P. Cutler Large Stockman with Cape Buffalo Horn handles.

Colonial RAP Cutler knife X




Below is one of the last advertisements by Colonial.

One of the last colonial catalogs 1995RAP knife



Below is a picture Of Robert Anthony Paolantonio.









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