7. The Current Colonial Knife Co.

I dont know much about the current Colonial knife company. I dont buy many new knives.(I do still buy old Colonial knives regularly.)  But I feel this part of the story deserves a page here so I am giving it a try.


Colonial was started up again by Steve Paolantonio. Apparently the imported knives that put the original Colonial out of business were what made the resurrection possible.

I guess he was having knives made in China and selling them under the Colonial name here in the USA.   At some point he secured a $4.5 million contract with the US military to supply a switch blade knife designed to save soldiers tangled in a parachute.

They also have some large pocket knife contracts, one of which is with the Girls Scouts of America.


I recently checked out the new Colonial knife website and I see a lot of very nice looking knives being made in the USA.

Seeing the Colonial name on a knife made in China is a bit sad to me but I have a lot of respect for Steve Paolantonio for managing to keep the family name alive in a very different world.

It looks to me like he is doing what the Paolantonio family have always done.

Supplying the American people and the US military  with a quality knife.


Check out the new Colonial website here.  http://www.colonialknifecorp.com


Below is a newspaper article I found online about current day Colonial.

colonial newspaper article


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