9.A great website for Colonial knife collectors

There is an amazing website called All About Pocket Knives.  It has forums for discussing all kinds of different manufacturers pocket knives.

One particularly amazing forum there is the Colonial knife collectors forum.

Pictures of so many Colonial knives there as well as lots of nice guys sharing information about these great old knives.

Robert Paolantonio was a member there posting under the name Bonfirebob.  During his time there he posted many pictures and left an amazing amount of information behind about Colonial knives. He made many friends and made it very clear what a nice, generous guy he was.  I wish I found AAPK in time to meet him.


Check out the AAPK Colonial Collectors Forum here. http://www.allaboutpocketknives.com/knife_forum/viewforum.php?f=87&sid=e68974369633366f9f317053d46b6db5




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