12. Advertising Knives

The 1930 to the 1960s was a time when advertising knives were most popular.  It existed before and after but I find most advertising knives were made during this time.

Colonial knives made MANY advertising knives. The Dole banana company was one of their biggest customers. One time placing an order so large it took Colonial 2 years running the printing machines 24 hours a day to complete it.   Chiquita banana, Chevron, auto dealerships, hardware stores and so many other big company’s all the way down to small places like Bobs plumbing ordered advertising knives from Colonial.


One very neat advertising knife from the 40s and 50s was the Kinney Shoes knife.


Below is my Kinney Shoes knife and an assortment of advertising knives also made by Colonial.


Colonial Kinney shoes 1 X


Colonial Kinney shoes 2 X


Colonial Advertising Knives 1 X


Colonial Tiny Stiletto Adv X









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