14. Colonial Knife Pictures

Here are some more of my Colonial knives.

Below is a CKCO marked Colonial Knife.

This is one of Colonials first tang stamps and possibly the most rare.This one was made in the late 1920s.

Colonial CKCO Red Coins X2


Colonial CKCO Red 5 XColonial CKCO Red 2 X


Curved stamp Colonial Fish-Knife. Made between 1926 and 1938.

Colonial Fish Knife 7 XColonial Fish Knife XColonial Fish Knife2 X


Colonial Toothpick with handles replaced with Micarta.

Colonial Toothpick Micarta 1 XColonial Toothpick Micarta 2 XColonial Toothpick Micarta 3 XColonial Toothpick Micarta 4 X

The 2 blade jack knife below is a very popular style made by Colonial. Its big brother with the 3rd blade is not often seen.

Colonial Jack Knives Big Small X.jpg

Colonial 7 Jack Knives X


Colonial Green Jack Knife X



2 thoughts on “14. Colonial Knife Pictures

  1. Thank you Joe! Yes they sure are hard to find. Living in Colorado does not help. I have never seen a Colonial knife for sale in person. Every old knife I have came from the internet. And the hunt continues…Every day!


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