16. Featured Collector Ed Beauregard

Here is a great collection of Colonials that belong to my friend Ed.

Ed is a man that knows what he likes and I really admire this collection.

His collection consists mostly of Barlow’s and electrician’s. He likes advertising knives which I think are such fun knives to due all the variety and history involved.

The pictures below shows an amazing assortment of old Colonials.


All pictures courtesy of Ed Beauregard ( edbeau at Bladeforums.com)

Colonial Box Barlows X



Colonial Box Barlows 2 X


Colonial Barlows 1 X





The 2 Barlow’s below are highly collectable.  They are salesman’s samples.

Salesmen would show these to someone interested in placing an advertising order so they would see what they were getting. The electrician blade in the Barlow is pretty interesting too.


Colonial Salesmans samples X


Here is a Dole advertising knife. Dole was one of Colonials biggest advertising knife customers.


Colonial Dole knife X


Colonial Dole knife2 X





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